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Set up your profile in just a few minutes. Add custom categories to your profile.

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Planning is the key to your success in life. Let others know your objectives and enjoy support by your environment.

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Create or join groups and explore people in your area. Appraise your friends and acquaintances.

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Discover how your friends perceive you. Know yourself better than ever before.

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Show the world your exciting goals, your invaluable ideas and individual experiences.

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Become the person you aspire to be effectively with your friends’ support.

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Our team
The international founders team met during their studies at Emory University in Atlanta. Dedicated to give back something good to humanity by making the world more honest and supporting people throughout their journey of life, the three social entrepreneurs started Tweekr as a spin-off of their golden time in the US.
I can now figure out how others really perceive me. Easily and for free.
Tweak myself to the next level. I want to identify my strengths with Tweekr and be the best person I can today.
Sometimes the best advice comes from people you don‘t even know. You deserve getting fruitful & free insights to tweak yourself.

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